There’s Something……


There’s something in my mine

Am I fall in luv??

Don’t know what I feel now…

But I’m so comfort to share with U…

Yaaa… maybe some day, we’ll talk bout it…

If we’re in the same feeling… ^____^


3 comments on “There’s Something……

  1. Eucalyptus says:

    Ha ha ha, kok komenku nyasar ke postingan sebelumnya seh? Iya neh, ngaku dunks jatcinnya ma siaap…. uhuy….

  2. d14h87 says:

    @Ayu: Hehehh.. iyya,, tadi komennya nyasarr.. 😀

    hmm.. ma sapa yaa?? nantilah… saya jg masih bingung.. apa bener2 jatcin apa nggak.. xixixiixx

  3. ndutyke says:

    ehmmmm…ehmmmm… :mrgreen:

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