Black VS Red (in my mind)

When the black (feel lonely as BL) and  red (courageous as RC) were talk together…

RC: Heiiiiii you, what are u doing there?

::day dream::

BL: Nothing, I just….. looking forward, hmm… day dream, waiting.. hmm, something like that 😦
RC: What???!! you said waiting??? ooohh so poor you are!! waiting for??
BL: Don’t know, actually I don’t know what’s that… just imagine if mood come then I’ll continue all things that I have canceled for several times.

RC: Stop!! Stop to do that!! It just banish your time!! You know, if you still there and do that you will lost your opportunity and you’ll be backward. Just think about that!!
BL: Oohh….(still in un-outlook)
RC: Yes, you will!! Just think about it, if you don’t want to lose anything!! Just it!!
BL: Uuhh.. I’ll try!!
RC: Yes, of course. You have to try it!! I beliefe you can do it!!
BL: But, I’m so scare… that in the middle I’ll do mistakes…. I won’t it!! 😦
RC: NO!! Never think like that, don’t be a foolish. Be positive think!! And trust yourself that you can do the best in your life!!

BL: Yaaaahh, I will… hope so!!


I’ve post this one when my mind and my heart uncontrolled!! Busy, lazy and crazy with my TA.  But now, I’m very happy and proud to myself because I’ve done my best…

Give thanks to Allah, who always give me health to finish it.  I’ve also receive many help,  support and pray from family and friends who love and care to me, I can’t do it well without your support guys.  Bunch of thanks to all, hope Allah will give you the best things in your live 😉

And I wish  one day I also can do the same thing for anyone who need my help, because we life not only for ourself. Everbody need help, and the important things that give and receive are valid for our life 🙂


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